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China’s Singles Day retail phenomenon will blow Black

singles day unieuro
Aspettavate l’occasione giusta per comprare una nuova lavatrice, asciugatrice, frigorifero, smartphone, televisore, computer, console o altro ancora? Potete approfittare dello sconto 2…

What is Chinas Singles Day and how does it compare to

singles day unieuro
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Chinese Singles Day, or Bachelors Day, originated at Nanjing University in 1993. Singles Day celebrations spread to several other universities in Nanjing during the 1990s. The holiday was named "Singles Day" because its date, 11/11 (November 11), consists of four "ones," representing four singles.

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3 Unieuro at a glance Established by the end of 1930s, Unieuro is Italy’s leading omnichannel consumer electronics retailer by number of stores (approx. 500), with sales of about €1.7bn in FY 2016/17

Singles Day Sales 2018 Promo Codes & Shopping Discounts

If you think that Black Friday or Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day of the year, get ready for Singles Day this weekend. Think of Singles Day as the precursor to Treat Yo Self Day, a

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Unieuro: il miglior negozio di elettronica online. Unieuro è uno dei più grandi negozi italiani di elettrodomestici, elettronica, informatica, smartphone, tablet, TV e molto altro: sul nostro sito potrai trovare il nostro catalogo aggiornato e approfittare di tutte le offerte dedicate ai clienti online.

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Singles Day was once thought by 4 bachelor students. They wanted to celebrate the bachelorette. That started at universities. Something that started small became ultimately very big. The whole country (China) celebrated it. In 2009, Alibaba interfered with it. They saw the opportunity to make a discount party of this day. One day a year, with discounts up to 95%. In China, there are so many

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Unieuro, nella giornata dell’11 novembre, effettuerà grandi sconti in tutti i negozi, solo per 1 giorno. Il nome della promozione é Singles Day, la festa, nata in oriente, in cui le aziende

Unieuro “Singles Day”: sconto 22% su tutto (solo per oggi)

#SinglesDay: dalla Cina arriva la più grande festa dello shopping… SOLO l’11 novembre, festeggia con Unieuro con lo sconto del 22%! Spesa minima 199€ .

Alibaba’s Singles Day Sales Hit New Record of $25.3

Un vero e proprio anticipo del Black Friday quello di Unieuro, a dire la verità nelloccasione di una festa orientale che ricorre proprio oggi 11 novembre, ossia il Singles Day , ossia la festa dei non impegnati sentimentalmente che troveranno di

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singles day unieuro
Alibaba smashed through its Singles Day sales record on Sunday. The gross merchandise value (GMV) hit over $30.8 billion in sales in the 24-hour shopping event.

Unieuro - #SinglesDay: dalla Cina arriva la più grande

Top Convenience: Singles Day Nike -51% Unieuro -22% scegli i migliori negozi di elettronica

National Singles Day - History 2018 Rihanna is single "Guys need attention," she says. "I’ll give it to my family, I’ll give it to my work – but I will not give it to a man right now."

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singles day unieuro
Unieuro to preserve maximum productivity and adjust labour costs Singles’ Day (11/11), the Chinese born shopping festival, introduced in Italy for the first time by Unieuro Multichannel, integrated, massive marketing campaign for the 2017 Black Friday An innovative, integrated & distinctive marketing ecosystem BRAND AWARENESS “BATTE. FORTE. SEMPRE” SPONTANEOUS RECALL …

Unieuro - #SinglesDay: dalla Cina arriva la più grande

#SinglesDay: dalla Cina arriva la più grande festa dello shopping… SOLO l’11 novembre, festeggia con Unieuro con lo sconto del 22%! Spesa minima 199€.